About Us

Diamond Sports SA Inc. (DSSA) operates and maintains the venue located at West Beach. The facility offers one dedicated Softball diamond, one dedicated Baseball diamond (Bennett Field) and one multi use Softball/Baseball diamond (Fidge Field), plus a indoor training facility that caters for both softball and baseball. 


Located in at West Beach as part of the Adelaide Shores sports precinct, DSSA is the home for Softball and Baseball in SA. DSSA is governed by a Board of Directors from both sports and have a clear future direction to not only provide a facility, but to be independently sustainable in all facets. While DSSA is an independent body it works closely with its major stakeholders, Softball SA, Baseball SA and Adelaide Shores to seek all opportunities to promote, use and further develop the facility.

Board of Directors

Independent Chair     Deidre Fischer


Board of Representatives

Karyn Dale                   Mark Snelgrove

Brenton Moyle              Phil Lounder

Paul Brooker                 Andrew Nairn