Mark Snelgrove

President, Baseball SA

Baseball SA is pleased to announce that along with Softball SA we have secured a Category 4 grant for the development of the West Beach facility. The grant will allow for expansion, redevelopment and refurbishment of the facility for both sports to coexist.


The staged work which will be completed in early 2015 will provide a full cutout infield 400ft diamond which will have state of the art lighting to National standards. There will be an additional 3rd shared diamond for both sports. A planned 4th diamond will be built later. When fully completed it is anticipated the complex will be one of the best in the country and is expected to attract local, national and international teams and tournaments.


Baseball SA will now have the opportunity increase participation through grass roots initiatives, youth development, high level competition and a new indoor training facility with new advanced training equipment.


The facility will become the head office for Baseball in this State and further enhance the integration of Baseball SA and Adelaide BITE. I am genuinely excited for our members and feel this facility through strategic planning will contribute to the long term sustainability for Baseball in SA.


Baseball SA is excited for our members to finally have a home for Baseball.